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[icon] You make me nervous
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Time:10:08 pm
Man. I just read my past entries, and i was an angry girl. I've gotten laid a lot since then. Chilled myself out. It's all good. I'm gonna have to vote again soon. I'm not looking forward to it. Let's face it, brown is an idiot and cameron is a massive twat. Sigh. The people in charge scare me. I went to new york last week. It changed me, i think. I know. I need to leave this town. I really do. I can make it on my own, i know that now. It's pretty empowering, i can tell you. I thought i'd lost my passion, my youthful anger, but i haven't. It's just changed direction, a little. Fantastic. I'm going to go to nottingham tomorrow, then swimming thursday, then to france in july. A good plan, i feel. A good plan.
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Time:09:47 pm

i've never been a fan of Scotland. i don't like the accent, i don't like the way it's depicted in the media, i think the whole place is probably accurately represented by Trainspotting. then again, i've always been a complete twat. recently, i've become inexplicably drawn to all things Scottish, and, ridiculously, ginger. the reasoning behind this, (a good one, i assure you) is Frankie Boyle. oh em gee i am obsessed. he's so crude. i love it. hearing his voice does things to my spine. dirty.


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Time:01:37 am
Trey Parker gives me the chills. My god, that man is fucking hot.

<3 Desaparecidos. Like woah.

Katie, I love you. I'm so sorry you're having a bad time, and I swear to Satan, I'll kill the motherfucker that's making your head not your own anymore.

*Hugs* Don't be sad sugar. <3<3
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Time:02:11 am
Tonight, well, last night, I went to see Patchwork Grace.

They were fucking brilliant.

Under the cut are some pictures I took. I took, a lot, but there's only eleven here, 'cause I'm a lazy fucker.

They were huge, so I re-sized the fuck out of them, which goes some way to explain why the quality sucks.

Anyhoo, under the cut..

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Time:01:04 am
You scored as Satanism. Your beliefs most closely resemble those of Satanism! Before you scream, do a bit of research on it. To be a Satanist, you don't actually have to believe in Satan. Satanism generally focuses upon the spiritual advancement of the self, rather than upon submission to a deity or a set of moral codes. Do some research if you immediately think of the satanic cult stereotype. Your beliefs may also resemble those of earth-based religions such as paganism.




















Which religion is the right one for you? (new version)
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Don't normally post these quiz deelies, but, 100%! I think that's pretty fucking cool.

Ave Satanas!
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Current Music:Lock Up
Time:10:41 pm
Current Mood:Fuck yeah Lock Up


They played the two songs I wanted to see most, 'Headfirst for Halos' and 'I Never Told you What I do for a Living'. I was pleased. Brixton Academy = Beautiful. It's a v. nice building. Made me say dude.

Now, I can't wait for the Alkaline Trio. It sold out!
If they play Jaked or Old School Reasons or Sorry About That, well, fuck yeah. Or, any song bar Cringe off of Goddamnit. That would be nice.

Mmmm, Goddamnit.

In other news, work is shit. The Lock Up, presented by the ever lovely Mike Davies, is brilliant. Last week he played the full Alkaline Trio set from Leeds Festival. Mansagod.

Boys Night Out are touring, which is nice. Hopefully somewhere near me, or in (Katie's new town that I can't spell)so I can go see them.

In sad news, John 'Beatz' Holohan, Bayside's drummer, died in a van accident. R.I.P. John, Bayside're fucking great. Thoughts to his family and his wife. He was 31. Can you believe that? It's just not fucking fair. There's no justice.

I need a feed now. I bought some lime shower gel today, and it smells very nice. Limey. Haha, see what I did there.

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Time:11:35 pm
Ok, so today work was a bit shit. Work is always a bit shit, but today, someone really fucking pissed me off.

We got a form, to fill in, saying what hours we could work over CHRISTmas. The mas of CHRIST. Ahem. Anyhoo, I filled mine in, being a considerate and lickarsey kinda girl. And the 'lady' who runs the self-serve tills called me a 'sad twat', for filling it in. Now, I'm fully aware that I'm a sad twat, proof being in the fact that I've watched nothing but Bottom on DVD since I bought it (two weeks ago) and would rather stay in and watch that than leave my house. So yes, she had a point.

This, however, is not the cock-sucking point, viewers. She knew nothing of my lust for Rik, so she was calling me a 'sad twat' for filling out a form! FOR FILLING OUT A FORM! And that, I feel, is absolutely fucking uncalled for.

So, for the record. Whilst I may be a 'sad twat', it is not the place of a 'woman' who doesn't have a fucking clue about me to tell me so. A 'woman', might I add, who actually personifies the word 'gash', she is that unashamedly vulgar.

Seriously, I'm fucking sick of it. The people there have broken my spirit, my will. My brain has dwindled to that of an aubergine, even though the people of Tesco wouldn't know what one was if we didn't sell them. A girl actually asked me if a courgette was a kind of rare bean the other day. I'm not kidding.

Nothing is fun anymore. I'm trying to be something I'm not, for people who I don't really care that much for. I'm 'making nice' for the insecure wankers who really are below me. And that's what this is all about, really. I still believe I have one last crumb of the old me, one last shred of individuality, and I don't want them to take that. I don't want to know 'who shagged who', I don't care.

What I want, is to be left alone.

I don't want people to judge me because of the books I read, because of the music I listen to, the way I spend my money. I'd appreciate it if people wouldn't mock the fuck out of me for not having an arse. I weigh seven and a half stones. It's pretty fucking obvious that I have no spare fat to have an arse. OK?

Also. EVERYONE MUST BUY THE COMIC STRIP ON DVD. Because it's really, really good. Peter Richardson is a hot motherfucker of a director. So, buy his shit.

Fuck you, people who work on the checkouts at Tesco!


Jess Xx
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Time:11:30 pm
I'm a sellout.

But you already knew that.

For some unknown reason, I'm really pissed off. Like, cutting into flesh (someone else's, not mine) pissed off. I'm letting people get to me who I really shouldn't give a flying toss about. I've turned into a doormat for other people to wipe their shoes, laden with the excretion of dogs, upon. I don't have the testicular fortitude to stand up to people anymore, and this makes me sad. I feel like I've betrayed myself, and it stinks. No one really listens to me, but I don't mind, everyone has his or her own problems. But sometimes I'd like to share mine, and get a reply that's relevant.

I digress.

As the aforementioned statement reads, I'm a sellout. A FUCKING sellout, no less. I work in a corporate haven, and many say I'm gonna stay there forever. Well, I'd just like to say, fuck you.

Now, here is a list of things that make or have made me happy. This is gonna be a large list. You were warned.

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Time:01:37 am
You are Travis Keller! You are not in The Icarus
Line, have never been in The Icarus Line and
will never be in The Icarus Line. You co-run
Buddyhead.com. You think you're tough shit. But
you're not.

Which Member Of The Icarus Line Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla.

Lmao... (I'm hella pleased...)

'I only love myself. So sue me.'
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Time:01:41 am
My Mum made me watch Big Brother tonight. I really am not going to fucking bother writing what I thought of it.

I know how wack it is to have an online journal, and I'm going to delete it pretty damn soon. But before I do, I'm going to post more Icarus Line lyrics. I realise people rarely read them but I'm not bothered, I'm posting them anyway.

Because The Icarus Line are a PUNK BAND.

Rancid aren't a punk band.

Blink 182 aren't a punk band.

Mest certainly aren't a punk band.

Hell, most of the bands I listen to that claim to be punk most certainly aren't. I still like them, but musically, my opinions have changed. The Icarus Line do that. Their music is exciting and dangerous and sleazy, and they mean it. They mean what they say. They have no money. They hate everyone. But fucking hell they're alive. And that's all that matters. Music shouldn't be safe. It should be scary as fuck. And The Icarus Line are. Bands that have a gimmick, or 'comedy rock' bands are a fucking joke. They want killing. Bands that get signed to a major without touring and then pollute the music channels with their mindless, safe shit really should just fuck off and die. And I know I like some corporate bands, but I already explained about that.

Those bands mean nothing to me anymore.

So here's the lyrics. You're probably bored. This band won't change your life. It's only me. Always, just me.

'Spit On It.'

'This is a list in no particular order of the things that can keep a man stuck inside the fear of outside.
The cannibal clerks that make mistakes only to blame themselves on you.
Grease in the palms of giant companies that should be building bombs.
Fastback frills that curdle over weeks give me the chills.
Prevent awareness!
Lost advice generously spilling from the mouths of decrepit casualties who save their souls from forces
that breed control. It wasn’t always this way. Industry slaves catch the wave that kills art for pay.
I’m gonna feed you your children and eat from your bowl. Sorely sought sounds more like poorly taught.
Prevent awareness!
Weather and feather. Ignored and vilified.
This ain’t no list. There ain’t no order. Keep your head stuck inside.
Fear of outside. You’re stuck on inside. You suck on inside. Let’s go out.'

You probably skimmed over them. I really couldn't give a toss. I'm writing this because it needs to be said. Not because I care if you agree.

I can't tell you how much my opinions have changed. You know, I actually cringe when I hear certain bands now, bands that I used to love. I thought I knew how it was, but I have no idea. I had no idea music could do this to you. Could keep you awake at night. If you don't understand me, I pity you.
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[icon] You make me nervous
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